WaveOne Open Water Races

WaveOne Open Water offers a variety of races that appeal to and challenge all open water swimmers. Every event includes an entry level swimmer option and is open to athletes of all ages and abilities. We feature one of the few 10K races in the eastern US, as well as a variety of races that are particularly suited for triathletes, and our signature swim across the Potomac River,

 2016 washington's Crossing start

2016 washington's Crossing start

Washington's Crossing: Swim across the potomac

The Washington's Crossing is a race across the Potomac River beginning when swimmers board a Potomac Riverboat water taxi and cruise to the western point of the river where Alexandria, Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC intersect at Jones Point. From there, jump in the river, and begin the race with a water start. At the sound of the starting horn, swimmers will travel approximately 2.3 kilometers back on a well marked course, to the National Harbor beach lagoon to be greeted by the sculpture, the Awakening. Washington's Crossing is limited to 250 swimmers. Make history and register now!

8th Annual Washington's Crossing is Sunday June 3, 2018


harborfest: tri distance swims

HarborFest open water swims are designed to provide a comprehensive practice for race day triathlon and swim conditions. Swims will be started, and timed as the swim leg of a triathlon. Swimmers may choose one distance in the three Potomac River courses. Open water swimming experts will provide basic knowledge for beginning and intermediate swimmers for open water race techniques. HarborFest is the perfect opportunity to practice race day swimming without the pressure of a full tri.

8th Annual HarborFest Tri Distance Open Water Swims is Sunday August 12, 2018

750 meters - 1.2 miles - 2.4 miles - 5K


swim for the potomac

Swim for the Potomac is dedicated to bringing awareness to Washington DC's grandest natural resource, the Potomac River. Not only is the river home to a growing number of swimming paddling and rowing competitions, recreation, tourism, but it also supplies the drinking water to most of the metropolitan area. It ultimately lies with each of us to protect the health of the river.

Over the past 8 years , WaveOne Swimming has introduced open water swimming in the Potomac River to thousands of athletes. Our message is to appreciate and protect our open bodies of water from destructive forces of abuse that render them "un-swimable". Please support the organizations that we feel offer hands on, common sense approaches to keeping the Potomac River one of the nation's cleanest rivers and open to swimming. 

9th Annual Swim for the Potomac is Saturday September 22, 2008

500 meter Potomac Splash - 3K - 5K - 10K