WaveOne Horizons Training Programs

New for 2018, WaveOne is introducing a variety of training programs designed for swimmers and triathletes competing in open water events. Our goal is to teach and train you to "swim like a swimmer" prepared for all conditions. Primarily pool based, we incorporate swim sets that develop endurance and speed for "distance" or endurance open water competition, as well as teach technique with our video programs. We will build strength and balance through our partnership with H2Om Yoga for swimmers, and provide nutrition information for proper fueling. In addition, for our local Washington DC area swimmers, we conduct Fourth Friday Practices that allow us to interact with you personally and coach you first hand in the nuances of interval training, racing and technique refinement. Horizons Training is a stand alone source of training or can be implemented in conjunction with triathlon training in order to compensate for an often under served swimming element.  Find the plan below that best suits your goals and let's get training!! 


Program details

Each program level includes the following:

  • Swim practice sets from 3x - 5x per week sent via the Commit Swimming App (info here) Practices include balanced components essential for open water swimming: technique/drills, endurance base building, pace practice, increasing speed, test/challenge sets, kicking, recovery, fun and more. The Commit Swimming App also tracks your progress and provides analytical insight into your program.
  • H2Om Yoga video lessons for swimmers, exclusively for WaveOne, designed by swimmer and coach Leslie Tomlinson, are exercises and poses that build important core strength, body balance, awareness, and mindfulness. Additional dryland exercises that emphasizes injury prevention and  builds strength for proper body balance in the water, as well as propulsive strength.
  • Technique videos that highlight important components of the freestyle stroke. every two weeks we will focus on two drills that contribute to an easy, efficient, powerful stroke.
  • Bi weekly blog that educates you on open water strategies, mental training and techniques, energy management, open water anxiety management, nutrition information from sports nutrition experts, and more.
  • Fourth Friday Swims Meet and Greet at a local Washington DC venue where WaveOne coaches can interact with you in person, provide tips and discuss swimming. 
  • Team focused competitions. We will designate races in the mid Atlantic area and beyond to attend as a WaveOne team. These are optional but offer an incentive that adds to training resolve and motivation.
  • Information that educates you on swimming theories and terms, stored in our members only library, The advantages and methods of interval training and why the fastest swimmers in the world train with intervals. And more...

Three Training levels

LEVEL 1 is geared toward the newer swimmer whose sights are set on a sprint or Olympic triathlon, or 1500m/1 mile swim. Level 1 emphasizes stroke technique through drills and short yardage repeats. we introduce you to interval training and developing your swimming "pace".As we get deeper into training, we add more distance and longer interval sets. In addition, we periodically implement test sets that allow you to replicate race conditions and gauge your You may graduate to Level 2 at any time during the program.

LEVEL 2 targets the swimmer with an Ironman or 5k swim as a goal. 

LEVEL 3 reaches into the realm of Marathon Swimming, distances of 10K and beyond. Dreaming of swimming the English Channel? This program is privately structured and delivered. Please contact denis@waveoneswimming.com for more information.


9 Month Program may be prorated up to 6 months. Renewals will be honored at the introductory prices through 2018. You may cancel at any time. No refunds for early cancellations. Swimmer assumes all responsibility for his/her training, physical conditioning, medical conditions (unknown, current or future) and any potential injury that may arise during training. WaveOne is not responsible for your performance or lack of, nor any injuries that may result from your training. Listen to your body and heed any warning signs that may indicate potential injury. Recovery and rest are integral components to any program and are necessary for injury prevention and peak performance.


H2Om Yoga on the beach at the 2017 WaveOne Open Water Camp.

H2Om Yoga on the beach at the 2017 WaveOne Open Water Camp.

three payment plans to meet your needs

Season Plan - 9 Month Program - Single payment that gives you all you need for a full season of training and preparation. (We will offer another quarter next October for a full year of practices.) Special introductory price: Only $599 or 66/month!  Save $100 or 15% (Regular price is $699) 

Quarterly Program - 3 months of the full Horizons Training program. Special introductory price: Only $219 or $73/month  Save $56 or 20% off the regular price of $275 

Monthly Plan - Start any time and go month to month. Although we know you will want continue through the season! On sale for $85/month. Regularly $89/mo. (Two month minimum to start)