Our Vision

Swimming Beyond Horizons


Located in Washington DC, WaveOne Open Water offers the most current and creative swimming programs in the country. Based on the exhilaration and freedom of open water swimming, we bring our experience and energy to anybody and everybody willing to jump in the water. We share our experience of daily training, pool racing, open water competition, marathon swimming, triathlon, and paddleboarding, in ways that awaken your swimming soul. We are experienced instructors,  national champions, open water champions, triathletes, parents, teachers and students.  We enjoy the victories and learn from falling short. It's that "something new" each day we "go for a swim" that awakens the adventurer within while calming the spirit. It is our love for swimming that keeps us in the water day after day and to share our experience, strength and hope with others.


What began as a means to safe open water swimming, quickly blossomed into a community from all walks of life curious to try open water swimming. There's a collective positive energy that unites us and empowers us to attempt new challenges and grow. Individuals jump in one day and return next week with a group of friends. We cheer each other and later are captivated by their stories of trial and triumph. 

Various groups make their open water home with us. Over the years, Special Olympics Potomac River Dolphins formed a team and compete throughout the world. Strive to Tri, Red White and Blue, DC Triathlon Club, Tri DC, Nations Capital Swim Club and many more groups jump in every week. In the last 8 years, Swim for the Potomac attracted hundreds of age group swimmers (and their parents) to try a 3K, 5K or 10K swim. 


WaveOne Open Water's mission is to introduce as many people as possible to explore and enjoy open water swimming. We support the development of safe open water practices and events throughout the country while working to protect and preserve the waters of the world.

The Environment

Participating in an endurance sport, literally immersed in nature, provides a new perspective immediately and globally. Water, as a living  element, it is both timeless and total energy, but fragile. As a population, it is our obligation to care for the bodies of water we need for life and want to enjoy, essentially protecting it from ourselves. WaveOne partners with different organizations to combine efforts to protect our rivers, lakes, bays and oceans. The DC chapter of the Surfrider Foundation, Potomac Conservancy, and other grassroots groups unite to protect and clean up the water.

Clean water begins with us, whether picking up trash in or near the water, drinking from reusable water bottles or spreading the word, our efforts produce results downstream. One of our next actions is to reduce the use and trash of drinking straws, which are often non recyclable and remain in the water for years. Thank you for your help.

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