Swimming Training Options

WaveOne introduces new swim training for open water competition for swimmers and triathletes. We target two common race distances, 1500 meters and 5K. If you seek organized swim workouts and practices producing immediate benefits and refinements married to a long term goal, then one of these plans is right for you. More than just a list of swims to get through a few times a week, our training programs include various and original swim sets designed to maintain good technique and speed while building the endurance for distance swimming events. 

OVERVIEW: WaveOne swimmers often remark that how quickly the practice went by, or... "it didn't feel like we swam that far..." Every practice is built with purpose within the process of distance swim training. We also include bi weekly video instruction that teach and reinforce optimum stroke technique, motivational anecdotes that supplement and strengthen mental muscles. In addition, we offer fourth Friday swims at a pool local to our Washington DC swimmers, to check in for additional practice, stroke feedback and camaraderie. 

Head Coach and WaveOne founder, Denis Crean, composes and coordinates the training programs from the distillation of more than 25 years of swimming, coaching, and almost 400 miles of open water racing, including various marathon open water swims of  over 20 miles each. (see WaveOne Team)


programs propelling you beyond your goals

  • Our Goals include educating you to excel as a distance open water swimmer, provide the swim training that physically prepares you for your race(s), and fill your swimming toolbox with mental tools of strategy, energy management, inspiration and motivation to swim any distance with any conditions.
  • Training practices are generated primarily for short course (25 yard) pools with conversions for other pool sizes. 
  • Although we are open water focused, pool training is essential in building training discipline, distance strategy focus, stroke refinement and race intensity. We accomplish this by implementing our years and hundreds of miles of racing experience, the latest as well as time proven strategies from the top USA coaches, including endurance interval training and speed training.


  • LEVEL 1 targets the athlete newer to swim training for a sprint or Olympic triathlon or your first mile open water swim.
  • LEVEL 2 steps up the mileage and intensity of training necessary to swim a confident and prepared 2.4 mile or 5K event. 
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Training PROGRAMS include:

  • 9 month program with quarterly and monthly options (2 month minimum). Training begins January 1, 2018 through October 1, 2017. You may begin any time.
  • 2-4 purpose driven practices emailed each week with bonus practices
  • Bi weekly videos that teach a different stroke aspect
  • Strategy secrets for open water racing and nutritional information
  • Tips to employ during your practices throughout the season to maintain a high motivational level
  • Fourth Friday Swims at a local DC Metro area pool for first hand instruction and feedback from a WaveOne Coach.
  • Core strength and balance development with Coach Leslie Tomlinson creator of H2Om Yoga. Yoga and meditation video lessons will be sent instructing you on how to develop strength, balance and mindfulness. These concepts in action contribute to harnessing both internal and external energy.

Additional Training Options

  • One on One consultations via phone, skype or in person
  • Video Stroke Analysis
  • Personal Training Plans and Coaching
  • Additional practices
  • Pre and Post Race analysis and strategy development
  • Open water coaching and escort assistance

Private coaching

Private, semi-private, or small group lessons are a way to turbo turbocharge your swimming improvement. We analyze issues in the first meeting and make corrections with noticeable and immediate improvements. We combine real world tried techniques, many years of coaching, training and competitive experience to help you to be a better, more relaxed swimmer. We have helped hundreds of swimmers make the transition from pool to open water fearlessly and with confidence. Lessons can take place in the pool or open water.

PERSONAL TRAINING PLANS AND PROGRAMS enable you to independently progress  toward your goals. All successful athletes employ coaches to guide them with training. These plans provide workouts tailored to your swimming level in distance open water swimming (races 750 meters and longer), with helpful information, nutrition,  motivation and stroke tips. 3 workouts will be designed and will be sent via email each week and starting at $195/month with a 3 month minimum. Private lessons are extra but encouraged.

Comprehensive Personal Training Includes:  intitial evaluation and pool lesson, goal plan structure, weekly emailed workouts (per above), one pool or open water lesson per month and email or telephone consultation.


What triathletes say...

”I took a stroke technique clinic with WaveOne
[about a year ago]. It was the best thing I did.
Their workouts kicked my butt initially, but they provided so many great cues and corrected my stroke in multiple ways, I remember how significantly stronger I felt as a swimmer after the first practice. I say definitely go for it!!”