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WaveOne Open Water is an inspired community of coaches and athletes, of all levels, dedicated to experience their full potential through open water swimming. Our comprehensive, creative, safe programs include: a variety of Races, Weekly Practice Swims, Swimming Transformation Clinics for Stroke and Strategy, Open Water Camps, Training Plans and Lessons. Since 2008, over 14,000 participants joined us to become faster swimmers, stronger athletes, conquer fears, experience new joy and swim beyond horizons.

Our theme for 2018 is "Energy: Natural and Human." Throughout the year we will explore and share how we generate, harness and maintain positive energy as it relates to open water swimming, and life.  Whether you are a beginner, triathlete or seasoned marathon open water swimmer, you can benefit from our love of the open water. Welcome to our community.

We hope you enjoy the improvements to our website and find it more convenient to surf. We continually work to get the bugs out and improve your WaveOne web experience. Please feel free to comment and exhibit patience over the next few weeks. Thank you.


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We offer the most comprehensive array of open water swimming programs. Our memberships vary in order to meet and exceed your goals. The Championship level includes all swims, races and clinics. The Horizons Training level is our 2 - 9 month training programs focused on developing stroke techniques and endurance for competition. Other levels include Inspirations introduction to OWS, Summer Weekly Sunset and Sunrise Swims, and more.




Our clinics teach you how to connect with or "feel" the water which ultimately enables your fastest, most efficient swimming. In addition, we educate our swimmers with proven strategies for planning and executing your fastest open water swims. The combination of technique and strategy produces success at any level.  Our coaches are all certified by top national organizations and have hundreds of open water race miles of experience that they share to transform your swimming.

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The WaveOne Open Water Camp for Swimmers and Triathletes is an opportunity for a unique motivational and educational experience. This immersive camp encompasses a full spectrum of open water swimming and activities for a truly transformational swimming weekend. Whether you are new to the open water or are looking to improve your overall swimming, the WaveOne camp will change your relationship with the water to swim with confidence, comfort, and new efficiency. May 10-13, 2018 in beautiful Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina.


HOrizons training programs

Horizons Swimming Training programs for triathletes and swimmers provide comprehensive web based training for various swimming abilities. We target two common race distances, 1500 meters and 5K. If you seek organized swim workouts and practices producing immediate benefits and refinements married to a long term goal, then one of these plans is right for you. Our training programs include original swim sets designed to maintain good technique and speed while building the endurance for distance swimming events. Every practice is built with purpose and includes bi weekly videos that teach and reinforce optimum stroke technique, injury prevention strength training, H2Om Yoga videos for balance and core strength, motivational anecdotes that supplement and strengthen mental muscles. In addition, we offer Fourth Friday swims at a pool local to our Washington DC swimmers, to check in for additional practice, stroke feedback and camaraderie. 



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