Gold Membership



All of WaveOne's races, clinics, summer swims and more for 75% off the total cost! This special 2019 offer is only available for a limited time and to the first few people who seize this opportunity for a year of fantastic open water swimming. Few gifts to yourself, family or friends can match the benefits of health and experience that this special does....Swimming is the healthiest life long sport and the experience of open water swimming creates positive memories to share forever.

The cost to register for all of these programs and races exceeds $2,600.00. The value for safe open water swimming is priceless. 

Be one of a very elite group of people to capitalize on this offer and SAVE MORE THAN 75% of regular rates for the entire year! Don't delay!

Email for details and any questions.

See our website for dates, times and details.

Combined with our experience, dedication and enthusiasm, it is no surprise why WaveOne leads the world in safe open water swimming

"The best way to race open water is to practice swimming in open water."



gold membership cost: $649

all the benefits included

  1. 8th Annual Washington's Crossing: 1.3 mile Swim Across the Potomac River.

  2. All 6 Fish Face Timed Open Water swims. 6 timed swims at different distance formats that replicate race conditions. These swims can be stand alone races, challenge your progress as an open water swimmer and prepare you for upcoming triathlon or open water races. The Fish Face Swims incorporate our 8th Annual HarborFest Tri Distance Swims and 9th Annual Swim for the Potomac.  Distances include: 375m - 750m - 1500m  - 1.2mile - 2.4mi - 3k  - 5k - 10k

  3.  Priority entry in specialty swims and races.

  4.  All Wednesday Sunset Swims at National Harbor (Season Pass Membership)

  5.  All Sunday Sunrise Swims at National Harbor  (Season Pass Membership)

  6.  A Minimum of Four Open Water Clinics and Swims: 1) PeasantMan Clinic at Lake Anna. 2) Chesapeake Bay Swim Clinics and Swims at Sandy Point State Park  3) Multiple Clinics and Swims at National Harbor

  7.  4 Pool to Open Water Swim and Technique Clinics. One each month in January through April. Complete with video swim analysis.

  8.   5% off our Horizons Open Water Training Programs targeted for Sprint, Olympic and  Ironman/Half IM; and the mile - 5K open water swimmer; and the Great Chesapeake Bay Swim (4.4 miles).

  9.   10% off and Private or Semi Private Lessons.

  10.   Discounts on sponsor products/events including Hammer Nutrition and Nation's Triathlon entry.

  11.   Gold discounts up to 20% on WaveOne gear and sponsor products.

  12.   Invitation to season end celebration dinner.

  13.   Benefits of camaraderie with the WaveOne community of open water swimmers.  Through sharing our experiences we grow in confidence as open water swimmers and people. 


Special Notes:

  • No other discounts apply.

  • Sunset and Sunrise Swims Season Passes will be issued prior to the weekly Sunset and Sunrise Swims. Discounts and priority access will be available for new or specialty races or swims.

  • Programs and dates are subject to change without notice. This Gold Membership Plan does not include the PeasantMan Triathlon entry fees, any WaveOne Camps or any entry to events in which WaveOne Open Water is a consultant or supplier of OWS services. This plan applies to WaveOne events and programs only. There will be no refunds of any kind.

  • Swimmer must register for each individual event or program. Space must be available at the time of registration. No special provisions will be made for sold out events. Sign up early.

  • Swimmer must sign a waiver for each event attended. WaveOne reserves the right to restrict a swimmer to any event for any reason and/or for the safety of that swimmer or other swimmers. This membership is not transferable.

  • WaveOne is not responsible for cancellations due to permitting, regulatory, licensing or weather related issues. Events may change. WaveOne reserves the right to alter this Plan at any time.

  • Check out price includes 4.97% Convenience Fee


Open Water Swimming Disclosure:

Open water swimming involves variable conditions. Every day is different. Every swim is different. Please see our website for schedule and weather updates particularly prior to event date. Cancellations due to weather shall be determined in the best interest of the swimmers and no refunds will be given for weather cancellations. All swimmers swim at their own risk. Risks may include potential injury, illness and death. WaveOne Open Water and anyone associated with WaveOne shall not be responsible for your safety or health before, during or after a swim or event. When swimming with WaveOne, you assume all responsibility for your actions, in all conditions. Be safe. Prices and event times subject to change without notice. No refunds or transfers. Park, parking, or entrance fees are not included in the swim/clinic or event fee.