Membership Overview


Championship (Gold) Membership

The Championship Membership (formally Gold Membership) for 2018 is available for one low price*. This is the ultimate program for any open water swimmer or triathlete, regardless of their swimming level or ability. For competition, improvement or pure enjoyment, nothing exists like this opportunity anywhere. Features all races, clinics, and summer swims. Plus members only swims, discounts and privledges. The WaveOne Championship Membership Plan saving you over 70% off regular pricing will be gone soon. This offer sells out every year!

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Horizons Training Programs

New for 2018, WaveOne is introducing a variety of training programs designed for swimmers and triathletes competing in open water events. Our goal is to teach and train you to "swim like a swimmer" prepared for all conditions. Primarily pool based, we incorporate swim sets that develop endurance and speed for "distance" or endurance open water competition, as well as teach technique with our video programs. We will build strength and balance through our partnership with H2Om Yoga for swimmers, and provide nutrition information for proper fueling. In addition, for our local Washington DC area swimmers, we conduct Fourth Friday Practices that allow us to interact with you personally and coach you first hand in the nuances of interval training, racing and technique refinement. Horizons Training is a stand alone source of training or can be implemented in conjunction with triathlon training in order to compensate for an often underserved swimming element.  

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Inspiration Level

Our new Inspiration Membership provides a swimmer to an introduction to WaveOne Open Water benefits and, as a member of our team, a close connection to all things open water in the Washington DC area. We hope becoming a member provides inspiration from our positive energy driven community and motivates you to jump in more often and share the joys of open water swimming.

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Summer Weekly Swims 

Since 2011, WaveOne organized weekly swims in the protected waters at National Harbor in the Potomac River. Sunset and Sunrise Swims begin in the first week in May and conclude in the third week in September. These swims are nationally known as consistent, safe opportunities to practice and hone your open water skills. The WaveOne on water support crew is second to none with more experience in safely assisting swimmers and creating a comfortable environment.  

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