Camp Location

Blockade Runner Beach Resort Cottage
275 Waynick Blvd
Wrightsville Beach, NC 28480


Athlete's Guide and Frequently Asked Questions


Is this camp for me?

If you seek the ability to swim comfortably and confidently in the open water, and want to learn innovative swimming stroke, racing and training techniques, you are in the right place. If you want a relaxed fun beach atmosphere with like minded athletes, then this camp is for you. If you seek to challenge your personal limits, achieve new goals, and discover the rewards of specialized and focused open water swimming education, the WaveOne camp is made for you.


What to expect from the camp?

We provide a whole hearted, authentic experiential approach to open water swimming. What that means to you is a balance of skills and experience for mind and body that all contribute to improved performance. Each day begins with a swimming centric yoga session to create balance and build strength for the day. There will be at least two 2-hour swimming sessions Friday and Saturday, one on Sunday; some in the sound, and some in the ocean. You are not expected to swim for a straight two hours, but we will break up the lessons and pace to your level.


What will we do each day?

Each session begins with dry-land discussion, strategy and information relating to the day’s objectives. We begin by working on open water stroke technique and video taping, which we will review and analyze Friday evening. Our swimming will progress to various distance swims in different conditions and different paces. We will introduce Stand Up Paddlebording to compliment learning balance, reading currents, adjusting to swells and wind, and to enjoy a fun way of cross training. Body surfing will teach us how to time swells within our stroke pace, balance and acclimate to the ocean.


Can I attend the Camp? What swimming abilities are suited for the camp?

We designed the camp for beginner and intermediate swimmers and triathletes seeking to become more efficient and comfortable in the open water. Our “feel the water” philosophy and techniques teach you to connect with the water to develop and improve your stroke as efficiently as possible. Each session’s skills will build upon the previous one to continuously improve throughout the camp.


This is not a “learn to swim” program, but one that elevates your current swimming to a new level. If you are a pool swimmer afraid of the open water, we will work with you to dispel and conquer your fears.  Every open water swimmer experiences some fears in their career. We share our experiences and techniques to transform you in becoming a comfortable confident open water swimmer. It is highly recommended that attendees can swim 500 yards/meterscomfortably, in a pool or open water, to obtain the greatest benefit from this open water camp.


What are the Accommodations?

The Blockade Runner Cottage has 21 rooms and 9 full bathrooms. We designated some as single occupancy and some as double occupancy. Each room has a double and twin bed.  When you register, designate which you prefer. If you are attending with a friend or partner in a double, please state that on the registration form so we can pair you appropriately. We will be sending you a questionaire asking your other preferences so that we can pair participants accordingly. You will be responsible maintaining your room for the 3 days, since there is no daily maid service. Linens are included, however, bring an extra towel or two since we are in the water often. There is no washer or dryer. See for more information.


What's the deal with meals?

Some meals are included. The Blockade Runner offers us discounted vouchers for meals at their restaurant next door, or you may visit other restaurants close by for meals. We will have light breakfasts of bagels, juice and coffee. Lunches will be cold cuts, sandwiches and beverages. We will have a light dinner and/or BBQ Thursday evening, Friday evening (we will watch everybody's videos from earlier in the day) then dining is your choice. Saturday night will be at a restaurant TBD and is not included in the cost.  We will also have snacks available throughout the day. Feel free to bring your own food, supplements, snacks, beverages, etc. 


How about Travel and Parking?

Most of the participants will be from the DC metro area. We will be creating a forum to encourage and coordinate ride shares to Wrightsville Beach. Wilmington International Airport is a 25 minute Uber ride away for those that choose to fly in. You will not need a car during the camp. Some parking is available at the cottage and overflow will be at the Blockade Runner next door (free of charge). 


Any Medical Questions?

You will be physically active in new and changing aquatic environmental conditions. You are required to be healthy and be sure your doctor would approve you attending this camp. You must be sure you have no known or unknown medical conditions that would make swimming and camp participation dangerous to you or others. You are not required, but will want to attend all Camp sessions and lessons. A medical waiver is required to attend.


Cancellation/Refund Policy

All registration fees are due at registration. If you register and cancel before May 1, we will refund 50% of your tuition. Cancellations after May 1 will not receive any refunds. You may transfer your registration to another person, however that person is required to proceed through the registration process and complete all forms. Transfers need to be completed by May 15. There are no refunds due to weather and circumstances beyond our control.

WaveOne Open Water reserves the right to make changes as we see fit, and prices are subject to change without notice. We are not responsible for weather related conditions, and will adjust to any conditions as we see fit and in the interest of safety and the spirit of the Camp. Open water swimming is potentially dangerous,  physically demanding and can cause injury. By registering,  you assure WaveOne that you are physically fit and able to fully participate in the camp, and that your doctor approves of your participation.  





Contact Us

Please read the FAQ and then contact us with any questions. We are happy to address and questions, concerns, and suggestion.  Feel free to call Denis at 301.455.4341.

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We are offering Swimming Transformation Clinics:

We are offering a few Swimming Transformation clinics in the Washington DC area prior to the camp, discounted for camp registrants. It is not necessary but we suggest attending one to familiarize yourself with basic drills and progression to provide a foundation for continuously improving your stroke and the open water experience, particularly if you are a beginning swimmer. See our home page for more information.


Do I need any Swim Equipment (beside a bathing suit)?

Yes you will need to wear a bathing suit. We are fortunate to choose a sport that does not require much equipment. Bring a suit that is tested and comfortable as well as a racing suit or attire that you will race in. This is so you experience training and race conditions in your chosen attire. Note that we are swimming in a saltwater environment which sometimes has chafing concerns. Bring goggles for sunny and cloudy conditions, preferably UV protected and possibly polarized. We are also recommending bringing fins to assist in the drills, swimming longer distances and possibly body surfing. It's not necessary but you may want some sort of fin "sock" for a snug protected fit. Sunscreen is a must. We will supply the paddleboards and paddles for the Stand Up Paddleboard lesson. Please bring a yoga mat if you have one. 


Where should I purchase my swim equipment?

We suggest two options. First, go to Sport Fair: The Swimmer's Outfitter in Arlington, Va  They have the most complete selection and knowledge of swim equipment in the country. Second, click here at Swim  


Do I need a Wet Suit?

No you do not. Wet suits are optional and not required. All swims will be conducted as wetsuit optional. We recommend swimming without a wet suit since water temperature is expected in the mid 70's. If you do bring a wetsuit, be sure to bring Body Glide or some sort of wet suit lubricant.

Learning about currents and tide affect during the SUP lesson from Jason at Carolina Paddleboards.

Learning about currents and tide affect during the SUP lesson from Jason at Carolina Paddleboards.