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Proper Technique is the number one way to faster swimming with less effort.

Open water swimming is a very strategic sport. In addition, changing conditions, dark water and other unknowns contribute to anxiety that hinders your peak performance. Combining knowledge in all of these areas ensures not only a more successful and fulfilling swim, it contributes to a safer more confident swim.  Our clinic coaches integrate championship water knowledge, the latest and most creative stroke techniques, and hundreds of open water racing miles and channel crossings to transform your stroke to one of grace and strength. 

Before meeting Denis and correcting my stroke, at best I could pull 1:50/100yd which would kill me. In our third session, I swam a 1:27 and can regularly maintain 1:35-1:40 without working nearly as hard as I did before. - Brian H. ( 4 weeks later, Brian dropped his time to 1:14)
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Swimming Transformation Pool to Open Water Clinics

Swimming is a highly technical sport and stroke efficiency is the path to success. Open water swimming technique includes nuances and strategy different from pool swimming. Our experienced coaches have competed over hundreds of race miles for valuable first hand knowledge for swimming faster and more efficiently in open water. Their experiences will transform your swimming. The low swimmer to coach ratio gives you more personal attention. What you learn from us may make the difference in a successful race or a DNF. 

For Beginning and Intermediate Swimmers. This 2.5 hour intensive swim clinic will focus attention on proper swim form and is designed to improve your technique so you use less effort and swim faster. We will build your stroke through a series of 15 drills to give you the necessary instruction and skills to begin improving your swimming. Our lessons help  you move cleaner and swifter through the water, and how to hold the water for a more powerful faster stroke. This enables you to swim faster, hold your course better in currents, and negotiate rough conditions with confidence. We will teach you during a low swimmer to coach ratio class to ensure you get ample individual attention.

2019 SCHEDULE at The old Tysons YWCA (Directions Here)

  • January 26 Saturday 11AM-1:30PM Level 1 Basic Stroke Development/Refresher

  • February 9 Saturday 11AM - 1:30PM Level 1 Basic Stroke Development/Refresher

  • February 10 Sunday 10:30AM 12:30PM Level 2 Intermediate Development & Practice

  • March 9 Saturday 11AM - 1:30PM Level 1 Basic Stroke Development/Refresher

  • April 6 Saturday 11AM - 1:30PM Level 1 Basic Stroke Development/Refresher

  • April 13 Saturday 11AM - 1:30PM Level 1 & 2 Combined Stroke Development

Swimming Transformation Open Water Clinic and Practice Swims

- Fundamentals of Open Water Swimming and Racing

-  Calming Open Water Fears: Anxiety Management for Open Water Swimming

Mental training and preparation are critical for a successful open water swim. Learn how to deal with fears, overcome doubt, and increase your self-confidence in the open water. This on-land and in-water clinic will provide tips and strategies for training your most powerful muscle to conquer the open water. See here for clinic schedule and registration.

You choice of an open swim or attend the an Open Water Swimming clinic followed by a practice swim. Clinics are about 1 hour followed by a practice swim. A 200-300 meter course will be fully kayak and lifeguard  supported. Perfect for triathletes with upcoming races. Clinic will include focuses like Facing your Open Water Fears, Fundamentals of Open Water Racing, and more, including cold water acclimation secrets, racing starts, sighting and strategy. See our weather disclaimer below.

Groups/Teams are welcome and can be scheduled separately. Please contact info@waveoneswimming.com to discuss details.


"I placed 7th in my age group on the swim! WOOHOO!!! Thank you so much for your awesome guidance/coaching! I'm not sure that I would have made it through that swim had we not had that one session out at Reston. I'm looking forward to next season - and being stronger and faster! " After completing her first Ironman - Sharon K.

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2018 HIGH CLOUD PeasantMan Triathlon Open Water Clinic and Practice Swim 

Fundamentals and strategy for open water triathlon racing for beginner and intermediate level athletes. Saturday May 5, 2pm-4pm  Cost: $20 online, $25 on site. Lake Anna State Park, Virginia
PeasantMan Triathlon Open Water Small Group Lesson and Practice Swim-
Friday at 6pm and Saturday at Noon



Schedule will be posted in April 2019