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Three Point Programs to guide you:

Learn Proven Techniques

Practice & Training



Gold membership 

The Gold Membership embodies our premiere 3-point plan to help you become the best swimmer you can be. Register now for 75% savings for a limited time.

  • Over 30 Open Water Practice Swims, twice each week all summer

  • Washington’s Crossing: Swim Across the Potomac

  • Priority access to specialty swims and races.

  • A full year of stroke and open water Swimming Transformation Clinics

  • Fish Face Open Water Swim Series - 6 race condition swims throughout the summer.

  • Camaraderie of the WaveOne Open Water community

  • Discounts on gear, private lessons, and more in one low price membership

Don't stand alone at the water's edge feeling scared and doubting your preparation.  Join the WaveOne Open Water community and begin swimming with confidence today.

Preseason Registration is now open!!

Waveone OPEN WATER CAMP for swimmers and triathletes: May 14 -17, 2020

Our innovative camp immerses you in a full spectrum of open water swimming for a truly transformational weekend. Discover a new relationship with the water from our integration of the following open water activities:

  • Bay and ocean swimming,

  • Intro to stand up paddleboarding and surfing, Video stroke analysis

  • Strategy sessions, water/weather analysis lessons, practice race, and more!

Novice or seasoned, you will return with new confidence, new swimming efficiency, and an overflowing toolbox of open water swimming secrets. Stoke Your Stroke!

May 14 -17, 2020  Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina. Limited space - 2019 SOLD OUT quickly! Stay tuned for advanced sign up options!

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  • Stop wasting energy and struggling through the water.

  • Learn to swim with grace, strength and efficiency

Using our experience and analysis we teach a series of progressive drills that enable you to discover your perfect efficient stroke. Our clinics empower you to connect with or "feel" the water which ultimately allows your fastest, most efficient swimming. We also share our secrets of proven strategies for planning and executing your fastest open water swims. Our coaches are all certified by top national organizations and have hundreds of open water racing miles of experience that they happily teach you to transform your swimming. 

All swim abilities are welcome!



Horizons Swimming Training programs for triathletes and swimmers provide comprehensive web based training for various swimming abilities. We target two common race distances, 1500 meters and 5K. If you seek organized swim workouts and practices producing immediate benefits and refinements married to a long term goal, then one of these plans is right for you. Our training programs include original swim sets designed to maintain good technique and speed while building the endurance for distance swimming events. Every practice is built with purpose and includes bi weekly videos that teach and reinforce optimum stroke technique, injury prevention strength training, H2Om Yoga videos for balance and core strength, motivational anecdotes that supplement and strengthen mental muscles. In addition, we offer Fourth Friday swims at a pool local to our Washington DC swimmers, to check in for additional practice, stroke feedback and camaraderie.